Cybersecurity solutions for the smart factories – fundamentally at the core of Industry 4.0, where robotics, cloud computing, AI, and big data are playing a vital role.

All these paradigms converge to change the ways in which people work and how products are manufactured. While this convergence of technologies brings undoubted benefits, it also creates an environment where cybersecurity risks are more likely.

Industry 4.0 brings uncharted capability, convenience, and efficiencies. However, at the same time, it creates opportunities for increasingly prolific and complex cyberattacks. GDPR necessitates strict adherence to data storage, privacy, and accessibility. This is especially important for the modern manufacturing landscape.

This industry must deal with perpetually dynamic threats, some arising due to existing vulnerabilities and those arising with new technologies. This coupled by the fact that this industry employs the maximum workforce per organization means that robust cybersecurity frameworks are critical for data protection.

Our range of solutions for Manufacturing Organizations include:

  • Prescriptive and real time security intelligence
  • Cyber crisis and response management
  • Connected devices and applications cybersecurity frameworks
  • Identity and data collaboration audits
  • Consulting solutions for risk assessment and mitigation
Our cybersecurity solutions engage with the entire manufacturing cycle for high impact sectors like oil and gas plants, food processing, shipping, logistics and vehicle production. We’re here to provide you integrated monitoring, management, and support for your security infrastructure.

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