Cyber Security Solutions for the healthcare industry that is always under the radar of cybercrime and has its own unique challenges.

The healthcare industry is always under the radar of cybercrime and presents unique challenges with regard to privacy and data security. With strict HIPAA standards, data vulnerabilities can have far reaching repercussions on organizations. Connected medical devices have led to an increased need for healthcare companies to ensure their products are equipped with proper cyber security systems. Shieldify’s solutions can help healthcare organizations meet and exceed guidelines by addressing several different areas of cybersecurity — ranging from servers, connected equipment, applications, to employees. Some of the areas we can help include:

  • Email protection systems
  • Endpoint protection systems
  • Access management
  • Data protection and loss prevention
  • Asset management
  • Network management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Incident response
  • Medical device security
  • Cybersecurity policies

By adhering to these best practices, organizations can ensure that they are protected from many of the most common threats.

Our range of solutions for Healthcare Organizations include:

  • Prescriptive and real time security intelligence
  • Cyber crisis and response management
  • Connected devices and IoT security solutions for device manufacturers, hospitals, clinics and pharma companies
  • Identity and data collaboration systems for hospitals
  • Consulting solutions for risk assessment and mitigation

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