Cybersecurity Solutions for the Fintech industry is critical for the safety and integrity of the financial and investment decisions being made.

With the depth and nature of data being entrusted to financial institutions and underlining technologies, it is pivotal to have a unified cybersecurity framework.

Common cybersecurity challenges in Fintech include:

Fintech organization greatly rely upon their applications that can get to client’s profiles and information to facilitate insights and information exchanges. Applications are one of the principal assault mediums, as weak code can be misused as a passage point into Fintech organization framework and system.
The more frameworks run by outsiders become interconnected, the more dangers of digital weaknesses emerge. Various frameworks that are not structured simultaneously by similar designers frequently contribute to issues and difficulties in digital security, making it harder to recognize and mitigate all possible sources of weaknesses.
Numerous fintech organization use cloud administered frameworks to give seamless customer experience. Data over cloud, especially in fintech needs carefully planned cybersecurity solutions.
Fintech organization regularly utilize their own applications that interacts with third party applications. This offers one of the simple ways for Black Hats to enter fintech organizations, with vulnerabilities in APIs and data access codes.
With banks, and applications having to deal with multiple gateways and interfaces, fintech organizations need to be constantly evaluating compliance protocols including GDPR, PSD2 consistency as well.
This new and rapidly developing field opens new avenues of weaknesses, which needs new cyber security protocols in contrast to conventional, electronic applications.
Financial institutions and the fintech industry need predictive cyber security measures to help their customers from falling prey to phishing assaults, financial loss from browser or gadget attacks.
Fintech organizations have a gamut of administrative privileges from the clients including use of cell phone level validation and approvals. This can be a hub of exploitation if applications are not tested for stringent cybersecurity measures.
Our range of solutions for Fintech Organizations include:
  • Prescriptive and real time security intelligence
  • Cyber crisis and response management
  • Connected devices and application cybersecurity frameworks
  • Identity and data collaboration audits
  • Consulting solutions for risk assessment and mitigation

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