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Shieldify helps create a cyber secure future for organizations. We are an integrated solutions partner for organizations in all stages of their cyber security implementation life cycle. We look at cyber security and digital asset security as a core business priority and not just a technical one. Our solutions span across, people, technology, processes, and business goals to create a sustainable cybersecurity blueprint for your organization.



We are committed to ensuring the safety of our client processes and assets. Integrity is core to our business.


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We remain committed to customer satisfaction delivered with agility in implementing solutions to enhance cybersecurity.



We are a learning organization that adapts and presents cutting edge solutions relevant for our clients.

Cyber Secure Organizations are Those that Discuss Security Benchmarks as an Integral Part of Their Annual Enterprise Growth Plan

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Our cybersecurity experts have seen the evolution of organizational digitization right from the early days of the internet. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists are uniquely positioned to provide solutions relevant for the changing business landscape. We are one of the few organizations that offer a balanced expertise by incorporating viewpoints from business, operations, and technology. We strongly believe in addressing all information security needs by delivering solutions that are easy to articulate, implement and scale.

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An Integrated Approach to Cyber-Security

Secure Application & access

In the times we live in and in the generation of digital nomads and remote workforce, we empower organizations with secure access solutions.

Content security & privacy

Secure your business against digital threats to ensure reliability and no business disruption with our gateways, protocols and expertise.

Network & infrastructure Security

We provide cost effective and scalable solutions to handle evolving security threat scenarios. Our Security device management solutions have SLA backed delivery with low TCO.

Web Application Firewall

We can help avoid revenue losses due to application and firewall vulnerabilities. We implement organization wide security controls.
"Cybersecurity is not just a technology problem, but a business outlook challenge. Organizations need to have a vision for a cyber secure world of the future."

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Cyber security is the state or process of protecting and recovering computer systems, networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyberattack. Cyberattacks are becoming an evolving danger to the sensitive data of organizations, their employees and individuals.
In today’s digitalized landscape, businesses cannot afford to tackle their security challenge without a well-defined cybersecurity strategy. A good cybersecurity strategy is needed at organizations to address vulnerabilities and intrusions to arrive at a unified cybersecurity blueprint.
When you deal with vendors and third parties, it is important to measure what information is being shared with them and how sensitive it is. Organizations should draft policies on the kind of access that is given to vendors and ensure security measures are put in place when it comes to data security. A good way to lower risks is to choose vendors with trusted security certifications such as ISO27001 or SOC2.